• When do I receive the mega bonus?

    Don’t miss out on collecting your Mega Bonus after 4 hourly bonuses.


    Once the mega bonus is ready, you’ll get a spin on our mega bonus wheel and win higher amounts of coins!

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  • When do I receive the hourly bonus?

    Hourly bonus

    Lord of the Board gives you free coins every 4 hours!

    Players can fallow the time left for the next bonus based on the progress bar located in the lobby. The amount of coins increases as you level up and they must be redeemed for the timer to start over, so make sure to log into your Lord of the Board application as often as possible to take advantage of this gift.

  • What is the registration Bonus?

    When registering to the game app for the first time you will be granted a registration bonus. The registration bonus is granted once per player.

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Game Features

  • Why do my checkers sometimes move automatically?

    Automatic move happens when there is only one option available for you to play this move.

  • What is a max bet?

    This is the max number of coins you can win in a game. If one of the users has less than the table’s max bet, the max bet for current game will be the lowest balance among the players.

  • How can I earn coins?

    • Buy coins

    • Win a game

    • Ask your friends to send you a gift

    • Collect your special bonus

    • Level up

    • Visit our Fan Page for coin offers

  • What are these numbers next to my Home when I play a game?

    This is called a Pip-count. This tells you how further away you are from winning the game and is sometimes considered when deciding whether to accept or offer a double.

  • What’s a double and where can I find it?

    Double is the option to offer your opponent to double the current game’s bet. For example: if your current bet is $100 coins, offering a double will give the opponent two choices: Either to increase the current bet to $200 coins or to forfeit the game. The first double is open to both players and the following option to offer a double is in the hands of the last player who accepted a double. The maximum double in a game can go as high as 64 times the original bet.

    • Accept a double - If you accept a double, your current bet will be doubled.

    • Decline a double - If you decline a double, you will forfeit the game and lose your current bet.

    • Redouble - Redouble is the option to accept the double and offer another double in the same turn.

    As you progress in the game the doubling cube option will be available from the $1,000 cash table, which unlocks at Level 12. Please note, you will meet the doubling cube only in the cash tables (you won’t find them in tournaments). Please look for the cube image on the table triangles in the lobby.

  • What is a Gammon or Backgammon win/loss?

    Gammon - If one of the players won before his opponent didn’t bare off at least one of his checkers by game’s end, it’s considered a gammon win for the other player.

    Backgammon - If one of the users won before his opponent has checkers on the bar or at user’s home and didn’t bare off at least one of his checkers by game’s end, it’s considered a backgammon win for the other player.

  • How are XP (Experience Points) and Level calculated?

    Performing certain game actions will give you XP points, which help you level up.  Accepting to double a bet is an example of a game action that will give you XP. Most XP is granted at the end of a match. Remember, the higher the bet, the more XP you'll get.

  • What are XP (Experience Points)?

    While playing you’ll earn XP (Experience Points) for every one of your games.

    XP will help you move up levels within the game.

    You can gain XP by playing cash games or tournament games. The higher your bet, the more XP you can earn.

  • When can I unlock the different boards?

    Each board will unlock once you reach the required level for the table or tournament. The level can be seen on the lobby once hoovering on the board.

  • How do I progress in the leaderboard?

    You can move up in the different leaderboards by gaining XP (Experience Points).

    There are a few types of leaderboards:

    Friends Leaderboard: Contain all your FB friends that are playing in the app.

    Local Leaderboard: Contain all users from your country.

    Global Leaderboard: Contains all users in the app.

  • How do I play the game?

    Lord of the Board is an online Backgammon game arena. You can start playing immediately and unlock new rooms by leveling up as you play. The higher level you reach, new and advanced rooms will be open for you.

    Playing is free and you can send and receive coins from friends for free, but if you want to play longer and need more coins you can go to the Buy Coins section. Also make sure to always check out our wall often for unique offers and updates.

    Now, we are sure you already familiar with the general Backgammon game rules and if not, you can always check them out in Google.

    We want to share our game rules:

    There are 2 kinds of games:

    Cash Tables: In this kind of game you can play against one opponent.

    Tournaments: A tournament is a competition involving more than one player.

  • How do I start a game?

    Start playing by clicking on one of the open table tringle

    How do i start a game

General FAQ

  • How can I send gifts to a friend?

    You can invite your friends and compete against them. Moreover, you can send free coins to your friends through the gifts tab in the lobby.

    Oh, and don’t forget to collect gifts through the gifts tab in the lobby.

    Still need help? Contact us.

    So, what are you waiting for? Start rolling the dice.

  • What platforms can I play on?

    We are live on all platforms - Facebook, iOS, Android!

    (Yes, that means mobile phones, tablets, and computers!)

    When playing on any iOS or Android device, you will even get a free coins bonus when you connect with Facebook!

    Connecting with your Facebook account will ensure that you maintain your account progress no matter where you play!

  • How can I buy coins?

    You can purchase more coins at the coins store, by clicking on the gold “BUY” coin at the top right of the game lobby and simply selecting the coins package you would like to purchase.

    All purchases through the Google Play Store or iTunes Store are made through the payment method assigned to your account.

    Purchases through Facebook can be done with payment methods defined by Facebook.

    Please note that during periods of high traffic, it can take some time for the purchased goods to appear in your game account balance.

    Backgammon – Lord of the Board has no control over any financial matters with Google Play, iTunes, or Facebook. For more information about credit purchases, you may contact the relevant stores here:  Google Play, iTunes, Facebook.

    In case you wish to submit a ticket regarding purchases made, please provide the date and amount of purchase in question and any transaction receipts you may have.


Technical Issues

  • How do I turn the sound off?

    You can turn off the game sounds and background music once clicking on the settings button.

  • Why isn't my game loading?

    Sometimes when you are having trouble loading the game, it may be because you need to clear your cache or because you are using outdated software. Some players also have better experiences when using different browsers.

    If your game is loading slowly or not at all, please try the following:

    • Try refreshing the page, hold down the Ctrl + R buttons on your keyboard while you are waiting for the game to load.

    • Please try clearing the cache of your Internet browser. In most computer-based web browsers, to open menus used to clear your cache, cookies, and history, press Ctrl-Shift-Delete (Windows) or Command-Shift-Delete (Mac).

    • Please ensure you are running the latest version of your browser.

    • Please update your version of Adobe Flash Player.

    • Try playing on a different browser. We recommend using Chrome.

    If you're still experiencing trouble in loading the game please contact us.

  • I have just purchased coins but the amount has not been added to my Bankroll. Why not?

    During periods of high traffic, it can take some time for the purchased goods to appear in your game account balance.

    Although the vast majority of transactions work without a problem, an issue may still arise. If you believe that an issue occurred during the purchase, please contact our team with the following information:

    • Detailed description of the issue.

    • Facebook or App Store purchase receipt, which is sent to your email.